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Atelier Ferland is a well established company with over thirty years of industrial manufacturing history.

We started operations in September, 1979. Within only two years of operation, Atelier Ferland met the demands of two signature companies:  Waterville TG and Eka Chemicals. Atelier Ferland thus catered to the manufacture of automobile body sealing systems, as well as to the interests of the world's leading manufacturer of bleaching and performance chemicals for the pulp and paper industry.

By the late 1980’s, growing industrial demands saw Atelier Ferland expand its workforce and it’s factory to a modern 48,000 sq ft facility.

In the ensuing years, the plant became a significant employer of local craftsmen and laborers from Ayer's Cliff, Coaticook, Magog and  Sherbrooke. We were establishing ourselves as a staple in both the industry and the community.

In June 1994, measures were put in place to begin the implementation of ISO-9001 quality standards. Certification was granted in 1996. Two years later, we obtained the Canadian Welding Bureau Certification.

 By the late 1990’s to accommodate the company’s escalating growth, an 18,000 sq ft building was purchased in the Magog industrial district of Quebec. The company was able to exercise more versatility and increase the size of its machining department.
Today, with thirty years of expansion and adaptability to meet the market demands and time-tested commitment to the highest industry standards, Atelier Ferland has become a venerable establishment.

Machining, metal fabrication and welding are the key areas of our expertise. Being very diverse, we cater to the Automobile Industry, Pulp and Paper, Water-Works, Civil Engineering, Energy Sector, Antifriction Manufacture, and any custom demands that our customers may have.

In its full and ongoing operation, the company boasts an impressive array of state-of-the-art tools and the up-to-the-minute technologies.

Proudly dedicated to raising the bar of excellence, Atelier Ferland is continually searching for new challenges on a worldwide scale.

We welcome you to consider us as your choice manufacturer for any future metal fabrication that you may have.

Sam Fayer


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